Why was a Hub needed for Canada?

There are many existing examples of conservation finance instruments being used successfully in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. However, these regions have different legal standards and private and public property considerations compared to Canada. As a result, we require made-in-Canada approaches to implement the many promising conservation finance instruments. For a more detailed look at the specific considerations for Canada, we invite you to review the short piece “What makes Canada unique when it comes to Investing in Nature?” found on our In-House Resources page.

Similarly, there are conservation finance collaborations outside of Canada that help build knowledge and relationships that support a scaling up of investment in nature. Two examples are the U.S.-based Conservation Finance Network and the Conservation Finance Alliance. The former is focused on the U.S. context and working directly with practitioners in a different regulatory environment. The Conservation Finance Alliance largely targets the Global South, where again, different considerations are at the forefront.