Financement de la conservation au Canada:
présentation du nouveau centre d’investissement dans la nature

  • December 18, 2023

On December 18 2023, the Nature Investment Hub hosted an inaugural virtual event to share its vision, mission and focus with a wider audience. The event also provided a platform for five leaders from the Indigenous, philanthropic, ENGO, and investor community to share their perspectives on conservation finance opportunities and challenges in the Canadian context. 

Key topics covered

  • Broad context for conservation finance in Canada
  • Core objectives of the Nature Investment Hub’s made-in-Canada approach
  • Success factors for scaling conservation finance in Canada
  • The role of government in conservation finance in Canada
  • Top priorities in 2024 related to conservation finance

Speaker spotlight

Invest In Nature Hub

Courtney Kehoe

Managing Director, Nature Investment Hub

Invest In Nature Hub

Paige Olmsted

Conservation Finance Specialist, Nature Investment Hub

Invest In Nature Hub

Andrew Day

CEO, BC Parks Foundation

Invest In Nature Hub

Valérie Courtois

Executive Director, Indigenous Leadership Initiative

Invest In Nature Hub

Rob Wilson

Director, Conservation Finance, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Invest In Nature Hub

Manuel Piñuela

Co-Founder and CEO, Cultivo

Invest In Nature Hub

Daniel Fuentes

Conservation Finance Specialist

The recording is relevant to

  • Indigenous communities, organizations, and governments
  • ENGOs
  • Philanthropic organizations
  • Policy makers
  • Financial institutions
  • Investors
  • Corporate sector
  • Academics
  • Anyone passionate about conservation finance!

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