Why Isn’t Canada a Global Leader in Nature Investment?

To scale investment in nature in Canada several characteristics unique to the country must be considered.

Canada is home to twenty percent of the world’s freshwater, some of the largest remaining tracts of connected intact forest, and globally significant soil carbon stores. Beyond the physical environment — compared to other natural resource-rich regions of the world — Canada’s relative political and economic stability is attractive to investors.

Conserving expansive landscapes has global implications for both climate and biodiversity. Supporting communities that steward and sustainably manage nature supports reconciliation, cultural heritage, and enhances resilience. Failing to protect nature and account for the benefits generated by healthy ecosystems puts economic prosperity for communities, regions, and businesses at risk.

With clear opportunities to conserve, restore and sustainably manage nature, increasing interest in nature-based climate solutions from governments and the private sector, and a growing understanding of the need to curb and reverse biodiversity loss, why have we not seen more investment in nature flowing into Canada?

This explainer examines some barriers to investing in nature that are unique to the Canadian context.



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