Focus Areas

Centering Indigenous Nations within the Conservation Finance Movement 

Investing in Indigenous-led conservation and stewardship is a critical step in addressing the biodiversity and climate crises in Canada. It can also play a pivotal role in fostering economic development in Indigenous communities, supporting cultural revitalization, and empowering Indigenous communities as they make decisions that affect their own governance, resources, and future.

The Hub is committed to promoting conservation finance approaches in Canada that center Indigenous rights, jurisdiction and knowledge systems, support the establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs), and Indigenous-led nature-based solutions, such as Guardians programs and stewardship initiatives. This will be achieved through strong, collaborative partnerships with Indigenous leaders and organizations that are rooted in reciprocity. It is through these relationships, and by invitation, that the Hub will amplify Indigenous voices and support the critical work of Indigenous Peoples on the ground.

The Indigenous Leadership Initiative is dedicated to strengthening Indigenous Nationhood as a path to fulfill the responsibility to care for lands and waters. Among other areas, the Indigenous Leadership Initiative works at the Nation, territorial, provincial, and federal levels to secure greater recognition and long-term funding for Indigenous-led conservation, including IPCAs and Guardians.

The Hub is committed to collaborating with members of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative team to identify areas in which we can help promote and advance the important work they do to support Indigenous decision-making authority on lands and waters.

Visit the Indigenous Leadership Initiative’s website to learn more (LINK): https://www.ilinationhood.ca/

The Restore, Assert and Defend (RAD) Network is focused on decolonizing finance pathways to support regenerative economies, nature-based solutions and Indigenous-led conservation. RAD Network is advancing ethical space to create community and cross-sector relationships, policy pathways and investment opportunities that are rooted in Indigenous rights, responsibilities, and knowledge systems. Through collaboration, co-learning and reciprocity, we seek to connect Indigenous Nations and communities to the resources and tools needed to advance Indigenous-led conservation.

The Hub is working with members of the RAD Network’s leadership and operations groups to develop a reciprocity agreement. This agreement will serve as the foundation for a collaborative and respectful relationship, enabling us to work together to address conservation finance challenges in Canada and advance shared goals.

Visit the RAD Network’s website to learn more (LINK): https://radnetwork.ca/.

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