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In-house resources from our team, as a part of a partnership fostering a strong and inclusive economy that thrives within nature's limits.

Introducing Canada’s Nature Investment Hub

January 2024

What if there was a way to reduce the impact of climate change, support species and habitats at risk, and ...

Conservation Finance in Canada: Introducing the new Nature Investment Hub

December 2023

On December 18 2023, the Nature Investment Hub hosted an inaugural virtual event to share its vision, mission and focus ...

Why Do We Need to Think About Nature Differently When It Comes to Private Investment?

October 2023

Conservation, restoration, and stewardship activities across Canada — including in agriculture and forestry — have long been supported by public ...

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Why Isn’t Canada a Global Leader in Nature Investment?

October 2023

Canada is home to twenty percent of the world’s freshwater, some of the largest remaining tracts of connected intact forest, ...

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Invest in Nature: Scaling Conservation Finance in Canada for a Nature-Smart Economy

May 2021

The term conservation can conjure images of wild landscapes and untouched wilderness. Indeed, many conservation efforts focus on the most ...

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Nature-based Solutions: Policy Options for Climate and Biodiversity

February 2020

People often associate Canada with natural beauty and vast intact wilderness. Ten percent of the world’s forests are located in ...

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