Benefits of Participating in the Hub

Depending on the degree of participation, the Hub can generate a range of benefits for participating organizations:

Drive tangible outcomes and impact

by leveraging the initiative’s network and infrastructure to expand your impact and scale up successful conservation finance solutions

Inform policy

by harnessing the collective influence of this diverse and well-informed community to identify and articulate policy opportunities within the private and public sector that will lead to increased investment in nature

Access a diverse network of organizations that share a common goal of protecting and restoring nature in Canada

 in order to collaborate, gain and share knowledge and expertise, and build social capital/community

Access information

to stay informed about relevant research, news, events and other important developments in this issue space; develop new skills and knowledge through peer to peer information and insight exchange

Increase visibility and credibility

by being profiled as a leader, and having work and achievements of your organization shared with a wider audience via the Hub’s website and other communication channels

While many organizations may interact with the Nature Investment Hub to deepen their understanding of the conservation finance landscape in Canada and build the willingness and capacity to act, the following partner organizations are publicly committed to helping advance the Hub's mission and objectives.

If your organization is interested in participating in the Nature Investment Hub, contact Courtney Kehoe to learn more.

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